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Upcoming Titles by Jonathan Grant

Party to a Crime
Crime Fiction

Twelve Angry Men meets Boyz N the Hood.

Despite his criminal past, Roland Dole, a burned-out teacher and self-described “recovering Kentucky redneck,” is picked to serve on the jury in the carjacking trial of young African-American defendant Darius Greene. After the botched verdict, Dole—who is losing his troubled son to the streets—learns the truth about Greene’s innocence during his own life-and-death struggle with the guilty party in the case. This first-person, present-tense account of a man’s “ordeal by trial” and ultimate redemption plays out against the backdrop of a dysfunctional justice system where guilt and innocence are cheap commodities, traded in backroom deals. With its distinctive voice and humor—grim at times—Party to a Crime is both timely and timeless.

The New Humanity
Science Fiction

All the King’s Men meets Men in Black

In this disturbingly humorous novel, a Georgia governor with exceedingly humble beginnings mounts an independent campaign for the White House. When Randall Wyatt, an Internet reporter who accidentally inhales something from outer space, is hired as his media spokesman, strange things begin to happen.

The Unhappy History of Higgston, Missouri

The Honey Badger of Zombie Novels

Small-town reporter Chad Anderson has no idea what he’s getting into when his editor calls him at 3:00 a.m. to cover a series of explosions in nearby Higgston, Missouri (population 225). Soon, he’s on the run from the sinister forces who ordered the drone strikes that destroyed the town and killed all its inhabitants and are now engaged in a massive coverup that includes killing all the witnesses.